China Hot selling Hydraulic Spare Parts for Tractor/Construction Machinery/Excavators/Agricultural Machinery/Mixer Machine Hydraulic Pump agricultural tractor parts

Product Description

Product Description

LOYAL provide replacement precision parts for Caterpillar, Rexroth, Kawasaki, Komatsu, Linde, Sauer Sundstrand, Eaton, KYB, Bobcat, Parker/Denison,Nabtesco,HAWE, Yuken, Poclain, Hagglunds hydraulic piston pump, vane pump,gear pump ,hydraulic motor and hydraulic valve in China. If you choose our products, you will low your cost about excavator main pump maintenance ,hydraulic system, repairing definitely.

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Packaging & Shipping

1.Standard exporting wooden case by Sea, while carton boxes by Air or Express. Besides, customized packing acceptable.
2.In stock, within 2-3 days after payments. Out of stock, we will prepare it to in 15 days, which is very seldom taken place in LOYAL.

Company Profile

LOYAL Hydraulic is a professional manufacture of replacement precision parts for Caterpillar, Rexroth, Kawasaki, Komatsu, Linde, Sauer Sundstrand, Eaton, KYB, Bobcat, Parker/Denison,Nabtesco,HAWE, Yuken, Poclain, Hagglunds hydraulic piston pump, vane pump,gear pump ,hydraulic motor and hydraulic valve in China. If you choose our products, you will low your cost about excavator main pump maintenance ,hydraulic system, repairing definitely.

Our Advantages

1.Highest quality warranty with the most favorable price.
2.80% of our employees are skillful technicians and mechanics.
3.All goods will be tested before shipping,100% replace the original one.
4.LOYAL has full lines with advanced manufacturing equipments from material to finished products.
5.Wide range of products for your reference.

 List Of spare parts
1 HPV35(PC60) spare parts
2 HPV55(PC120)  spare parts
3 HPV90(PC200-3) spare parts
4 HPV90(PC200-5) spare parts
5 HPV95(PC200-6,PC120-6) spare parts
6 HPV132(PC300-7,400-6) spare parts
7 HPV160(PC300/400-3/5)spare parts
8 HPV135 spare parts
9 PC30UU spare parts
10 PC40-8 MAIN pump spare parts
11 PC50 (PC55/56) spare parts
12 PC60-7 (HPV75)MAIN pump spare parts
13 PC160 spare parts
14 PC200-2 MAIN pump spare parts
15 PC200-8 MAIN pump/PC240-8 MAIN pump spare parts
16 PC320 spare parts
17 PC360-7(PC300-7) MAIN pump spare parts
18 PC400-7 MAIN pump spare parts
19 PC1250 MAIN pump spare parts
20 PC45R-8 SWING MOTOR spare parts
21 PC60-6 SWING MOTOR spare parts
22 PC60-7 SWING MOTOR spare parts
23 PC120-6 SWING MOTOR spare parts
24 PC200-6 SWING MOTOR /LMF45 spare parts
25 PC220-7 SWING MOTOR spare parts
26 PC450 SWING MOTOR spare parts
27 PC650 SWING MOTOR spare parts
28 PC200-7 TRAVEL MOTOR spare parts
29 PC400-7 TRAVEL MOTOR spare parts
30 HPV220-8 SWING MOTOR spare parts
31 PC650 SWING MOTOR spare parts
32 HPV050 spare parts
33 HPV080 spare parts
34 ZX120-6 MAIN pump(HPK055) spare parts
35 HPV091(EX200-2/3,EX120-2 SINGLE pump) spare parts
36 HPV102(EX200-5/6) spare parts
37 HPV116(EX200-1) spare parts
38 HPV118 (ZX200-3,ZX270) MAIN pump spare parts
39 HPV125B(UH07,UH083) spare parts
40 HPV145(EX300-1/2/3)spare parts
41 EX400-5 MAIN pump spare parts
42 EX60-2/3 SWING  MOTOR spare parts
43 EX105-2  MOTOR spare parts
44 EX120-2 SWING MOTOR spare partsV
45 EX120-5 SWING MOTOR(AP5S67) spare parts
46 ZAX120 SWING MOTOR spare parts
47 EM56 TRAVEL MOTOR spare parts
48 HMGC16(EX100-1 TRAVEL MOTOR) spare parts
49 HMGC32(EX200-1 TRAVEL MOTOR) spare parts
50 HMGC35(EX200-5 TRAVEL MOTOR) spare parts
51 EX550-3 TRAVEL MOTOR spare parts
52 HMGE36EA(ZX200 TRAVEL MOTOR) spare parts
53 HMF160 spare parts
54 ZX330-2 TRAVEL MOTOR spare parts
55 VRD63(CAT120) spare parts
56 SBS80(CAT312C)MAIN pump spare parts
57 E200B NEW DESIGN spare parts
58 AP-12 spare parts
59 AP-14(CAT325C) spare parts
60 CAT320C spare parts
61 SPK10/10(E200B) spare parts
62 SPV10/10(MS180)spare parts
63 CAT12G spare parts
64 CAT14G/16G  spare parts
65 CAT215 spare parts
66 CAT245 spare parts
67 CAT330B TRAVEL MOTOR spare parts
68 PSV450(AP-12) TRAVEL MOTOR spare parts
69 CAT992 spare parts
70 CAT330C  TRAVEL MOTOR spare parts
71 CAT385H  spare parts
72 PSVD2-16E  spare parts
73 PSVD2-21C  spare parts
74 PSVD2-21E(KYB)4T/SVD22 (KYB-4T) spare parts
75 KMF40  spare parts
76 KMF40-2  spare parts
77 KMF90(KPV90)PC200-1/2/3(SWING MOTOR ,TRAVEL MOTOR) spare parts
78 KMF105  spare parts
79 KYB33 spare parts
80 KYB36 spare parts
81 KYB37 spare parts
82 KYB87 spare parts
83 KYB90 spare parts
84 PVD-2B-32L spare parts
85 PVD-2B-34 TRAVEL MOTOR spare parts
86 PVD-2B-34L MINITYPE EXCAVATOR MAIN pump spare parts
87 PVD-2B-36L/38/40  spare parts
88 PVD-2B-42  spare parts
89 PVD-2B-63  spare parts
90 PVD45   spare parts
91 NACHI 130  spare parts
92 PVK-2B-505 spare parts
94 BOB CAT337 TRAVEL MOTOR  spare parts
95 SG02  spare parts
96 SG571(MFB40) spare parts
97 SG04(MFB80)  spare parts
98 SG08(MFB160) spare parts
99 SG12  spare parts
100 SG20(MFB250) spare parts
101 PVB92 (PVC90RC08 / PVC70R)  spare parts
102 PV090  spare parts
103 PV092(PV080 INTERCHANGEABLE) spare parts
104 PSVS-90  spare parts
106 JMV-44/22  spare parts
107 JMV-53/34(6-8T TRAVEL MOTOR)  spare parts
108 JMF-64  spare parts
109 JMV-147/95  spare parts
110 JMF-151-VBR(22SM1510117) spare parts
111 JMF-155  spare parts
112 LPVD45  spare parts
113 LPVD64  spare parts
114 LPVD75  spare parts
115 LPVD90  spare parts
116 LPVD100  spare parts
117 LPVD100 NEW DESIGN  spare parts
118 LPVD125  spare parts
119 LPVD125 NEW DESIGN  spare parts
120 LPVD140  spare parts
121 LPVD250  spare parts
122 LPVD260  spare parts
123 K3SP36C(SDV36)(8T MID-TYPE EXCAVATOR MAIN pump)  spare parts
124 K3V63DT(K3V63BDT)  spare parts
125 K3V112DT  spare parts
126 K3V140DT  spare parts
127 K3V180DT  spare parts
128 K3V280  spare parts
129 K3VG280  spare parts
130 K3VG180  spare parts
131 K3VL45  spare parts
132 K5V80  spare parts
133 K5V140(DOOSAN 300-7)(DOOSAN 300-7)  spare parts
134 K5V160 (HYUNDAI 300-6 MAIN pump)  spare parts
135 K5V200(JAPAN 450/470,KOBELCO 470,CASE 480 MAIN pump)  spare parts
136 K7V63  spare parts
137 NV64  spare parts
138 NV84  spare parts
139 NV111DT  spare parts
140 NV137  spare parts
141 NV172  spare parts
142 NV270  spare parts
143 NX15   spare parts
144 NVK45(KOBELCO EXCAVATOR)  spare parts
145 KVC925   spare parts
146 KVC930   spare parts
147 KVC932   spare parts
148 M2X63    spare parts
149 M2X96(EX200-2)  spare parts
150 M2X120  spare parts
151 M2X146(EX200-5)  spare parts
152 M2X150/170(EX400)  spare parts
153 M2X210(EX270/280/300)  spare parts
154 M5X130(CAT320C)  spare parts
155 M5X180 (KOBELCO 350-8 SWING MOTOR)  spare parts
156 MX150  spare parts
157 MX173  spare parts
158 MX500  spare parts
159 MAG150 spare parts
160 MAG170 spare parts
161 LZV30  spare parts
162 LZV120 spare parts
163 LVWO60 spare parts
164 TM40VD TRAVEL MOTOR  spare parts
165 A4V40  spare parts
166 A4V56  spare parts
167 A4V71  spare parts
168 A4V125 spare parts
169 A4V250 spare parts
170 A4VFO28 spare parts
171 A4VSO40 spare parts
172 A4VSO45 spare parts
173 A4VSO71 spare parts
174 A4VSO125 spare parts
175 A4VSO180 spare parts
176 A4VSO250 spare parts
177 A4VSO355 spare parts
178 A4VSO500 spare parts
179 A4VF500/A4F500  spare parts
180 A4VG28(A4FO28) spare parts
181 A4VG40  spare parts
182 A4VG45  spare parts
183 A4VG50  spare parts
184 A4VG56  spare parts
185 A4VG71  spare parts
186 A4VTG71 spare parts
187 A4VG90(A4VT90HW/32R)  spare parts
188 A4VHW90  spare parts
189 A4VTG90 CHARGE pump  
190 A4VG125  
191 A4VG125 CHARGE pump 
192 A4VG125 CHARGE pump spare parts 
193 A4VG125 CHARGE pump(TANDEM A10VSO28)
195 A4VG140  spare parts
196 A4VG180  spare parts
197 A4VG250  spare parts
198 A10VSO16/18  spare parts
199 A10VSO28     spare parts
200 A10VSO45     spare parts
201 A10VO45/52   spare parts
202 A10VSO63/52  spare parts
203 A10VSO63/53  spare parts
204 A10VSO71     spare parts
205 A10VSO85     spare parts
206 A10VSO100    spare parts
207 A10VSO140    spare parts
208 A10VG18      spare parts
209 A10VG28      spare parts
210 A10VG45      spare parts
211 A10VG63      spare parts
212 A10V43       spare parts
213 A10V63       spare parts
214 A10VD40      spare parts
215 A10VD43      spare parts
216 A10VE43      spare parts
217 A10VEC60     spare parts
218 A10VSF28     spare parts
219 A11VO40      spare parts
220 A11VG35      spare parts
221 A11VG50      spare parts
222 A11VO60      spare parts
223 A11VO75      spare parts
224 A11VO95(A11V95) spare parts
225 A11V130      spare parts
226 A11V145      spare parts
227 A11V160      spare parts
228 A11V190/A11VLO190  spare parts
229 A11VO200     spare parts
230 A11VO250     spare parts
231 A11VLO260    spare parts
232 A2F5         spare parts
233 A2F12        spare parts
234 A2F23        spare parts
235 A2VK28       spare parts
236 2VK28        spare parts
237 A2F28        spare parts
238 A2F55        spare parts
239 A2F80        spare parts
240 A2F107       spare parts
241 A2F160       spare parts
242 A2F200       spare parts
243 A2V225       spare parts
244 A2F250       spare parts
245 A2V500       spare parts
246 A2V915       spare parts
247 A2F355       spare parts
248 A2F500       spare parts
249 A2F1000      spare parts
250 A2FO10       spare parts
251 A2FO12       spare parts
252 A2FO16       spare parts
253 A2FO23       spare parts
254 A2FO28       spare parts
255 A2FO32       spare parts
256 A2FO45       spare parts
257 A2FO56       spare parts
258 A2FO63       spare parts
259 A2FO80       spare parts
260 A2FO90/A2FE90  spare parts
261 A2FO107      spare parts
262 A2FO125(A2FM125) spare parts
263 A2FO160      spare parts
264 A2FO180      spare parts
265 A2FO200      spare parts
266 A2FO250      spare parts
267 A2FO500      spare parts
268 A6V28        spare parts
269 A7V55/A8V55  spare parts
270 A7V58        spare parts
271 A7V80/A8V80  spare parts
272 A7V107/A8V107  spare parts
273 A7V160/A8V160  spare parts
274 A7V200       spare parts
275 A7V225       spare parts
276 A7V250       spare parts
277 A7V355       spare parts
278 A7V500       spare parts
279 A6VM/A7V1000 spare parts
280 A6VM/A7VO12  spare parts
281 A7VO28       spare parts
282 A7VO55       spare parts
283 A7VO80       spare parts
284 A7VO107      spare parts
285 A7VO160      spare parts
286 A6VM160      spare parts
287 A6VE160      spare parts
288 A6VM200      spare parts
289 A6VM500      spare parts
290 A7VO172      spare parts
291 A7VO200      spare parts
292 A7VO250      spare parts
293 A7VO355      spare parts
294 A7VO500      spare parts
295 A8VO55       spare parts
296 A8VO80       spare parts
297 A8VO80 6.3 SERIES spare parts
298 A8VO107(SUMITOMO 280)  spare parts
299 A8VO140      spare parts
300 A8VO160      spare parts
301 A8VO200      spare parts
302 AP2D12(BOBCAT 331 MAIN pump) spare parts
303 AP2D16(CASE 35 EXCAVATOR)  spare parts
304 AP2D18(IHISCE 45 EXCAVATOR MAIN pump) spare parts
305 AP2D21   spare parts
306 AP2D25(DH55 MAIN pump)  spare parts
307 AP2D36/ZAX70 (MAIN pump)  spare parts
308 PV20     spare parts
309 PV21(PVD21) spare parts
310 PV22     spare parts
311 PVD22    spare parts
312 359.PV23(PVD23) spare parts
313 360.PV24     spare parts
314 361.SPV6/119 spare parts
315 362.PV25     spare parts
316 363.PV26     spare parts
317 364.PV112    spare parts
318 365.OPV27    spare parts
319 PV90R030 spare parts
320 PV90R042 spare parts
321 PV90R55  spare parts
322 PV90R75  spare parts
323 PV90R100 spare parts
324 BRL100   spare parts
325 PV90R130 spare parts
326 PV90R180 spare parts
327 PV90R250 spare parts
328 SPV14    spare parts
329 SPV15    spare parts
330 SPV18    spare parts
331 MMFO25C  spare parts
332 MPT044   spare parts
333 M44      spare parts
334 MF16A spare parts 
335 MF035 spare parts 
336 MF500 spare parts 
337 MPV046/M46 spare parts 
338 MPR63 spare parts 
339 MPV45 spare parts 
340 MPV44 spare parts 
341 HRR057 spare parts
341 3321/3331(EATON 006)  spare parts
342 EATON3322    spare parts
343 4621/4631-007(EATON4621-007)  spare parts
344 5421/5431(EATON 23)   spare parts
345 CASE1460    spare parts
346 CASE CS05A  spare parts
347 EATON 3932-243  spare parts
348 EATON 6423  spare parts
349 7621(EATON 24-7620)  spare parts
350 EATON 78462   spare parts 
351 PVE19  spare parts
352 TA19   spare parts
353 PVE21  spare parts
354 PVH45  spare parts
355 PVH57  spare parts
356 PVH74  spare parts
357 PVH81  spare parts
358 PVH98  spare parts
359 PVH106(HPN-1398)  spare parts
360 PVH131  spare parts
361 PVH141  spare parts
362 PVB5    spare parts
363 PVB6    spare parts
364 PVB10   spare parts
365 PVB15(PVQ32)  spare parts
366 PVB20   spare parts
367 PVB29   spare parts
368 PVBQA29-SR  spare parts
369 PVQ40/50   spare parts
370 PVB110   spare parts
371 TB35    spare parts
372 TB45     spare parts
372 HPV55T   spare parts
373 HPR75   spare parts
374 HPR100   spare parts
375 HPR105  spare parts
376 HPR130  spare parts
377 HMR135  spare parts
378 HPR160  spare parts
379 LINDE 160  spare parts
380 B2PV35  spare parts
381 B2PV50(BPR50)  spare parts
382 B2PV75(BPR75)  spare parts
383 B2PV105(BPR105) spare parts
384 B2PV140   spare parts
385 BPV35    spare parts
386 BPV50   spare parts
387 BPV70   spare parts
388 BPV100   spare parts
389 BMV75.27  spare parts
390 BPR140   spare parts
391 BPR186   spare parts
392 BPR260   spare parts
393 BMF50    spare parts
394 BMF75    spare parts
395 BMF105   spare parts
396 B45 spare parts 
397 MKV23 spare parts 
398 MKV33 spare parts 
399 V60A spare parts 
400 V30D45 spare parts 
401 V30D95 spare parts 
402 V30Z95 spare parts 
403 V30D140 spare parts 
404 V30D250 spare parts 
405 100 spare parts 
406 150 spare parts 
407 A16 spare parts 
408 A22 spare parts 
409 A37 spare parts 
410 A45 spare parts 
411 A56 spare parts 
412 A70 spare parts 
413 A90 spare parts 
414 A100 spare parts 
415 A145 spare parts 
416 HPVMF23(T23C) spare parts 
417 HPVMF23.7 spare parts 
418 T28C spare parts 
419 T30C spare parts 
420 T37C spare parts 
421 MF16A spare parts 
422 FX26OR spare parts 
423 3V-SH2B spare parts 
424 HCV70S spare parts 
425 PVK-270 spare parts 
426 FG75/85/95 spare parts 
427 IS-RG-08A-Y spare parts 
428 1S-RG-A51V-D spare parts 
429 1S-RG-61A-Y spare parts 
430 S1-RG-A51V-D spare parts 
431 HV120 spare parts 
432 L2-500-110RIF spare parts 
433 LZ-500 spare parts 
434 MH600 spare parts 
435 MFS250-P-1-2/10 spare parts 
436 PV-LS07V-N spare parts 
437 S1NP20 spare parts 
438 ZB227 spare parts 
439 ZFMCR20 spare parts 
440 CTM205/CF spare parts 
441 HEMA-2 spare parts 
442 M12600 spare parts 
443 PAMB38 spare parts 
444 HMV105&145 spare parts 
445 450LC-3A spare parts 
446 PK35 spare parts 
447 PC200-6-KS-90 spare parts 
448 SM1FO27WO spare parts 
449 SL1V033 spare parts 
450 SM1F044 spare parts 
451 SM1F053JMV-53/34 spare parts 
452 SM1F063 spare parts 
453 SM1F070 spare parts 
454 ED2250(R:31.5) (R:25) spare parts 
455 EM1250
634 GFT 0110 T3 1000 9000/1
635 GFT 0110 T3 9000/3 SL
636 GFT 0160 T3 1000 9000
637 GFT 5710 T3 2000 9000 SL 9000/1
638 GFT 5710 T3 9000 /2
639 GFT 5710 T3 9000 /3
640 GFT 5710 T3 9000 /4
641 GFT 03300 T3 2000 3000/1
642 GFT 03300 T3 3000/2
643 GFT 03300 T3 9000/1
644 GFT 03300 T3 9000/2
645 GFT 0330 T4 3000
646 GFT 0450 T4 1000
Hagglund motor spare parts 
647 CA50 spare parts 
648 CA70 spare parts 
649 CA100 spare parts 
650 CA140 spare parts 
651 CA210 spare parts 
652 CA280 spare parts 
Poclain motor spare parts 
653 MCR03 spare parts 
654 MCRE03 spare parts 
655 MCR05 spare parts 
656 MCRE05 spare parts 
657 MCR10 spare parts 
658 MCRE10 spare parts 
659 MS02 spare parts 
660 MSE02 spare parts 
661 MS05 spare parts 
662 MSE05 spare parts 
663 MS08 spare parts 
664 MSE08 spare parts 
665 MS11 spare parts 
666 MSE11 spare parts 
667 MS18 spare parts 
668 MSE18 spare parts 
669 MS25 spare parts 
670 MS35 spare parts 
671 MS50 spare parts 
672 MS83 spare parts 
673 MS125 spare parts 
674 MK spare parts 
675 MKE spare parts 
676 HVK spare parts 
677 HVL spare parts 
678 HVN spare parts 
679 HDC05 spare parts 
680 HDCE05 spare parts 
681 HDC08 spare parts 
682 HDC18 spare parts 
683 HDCE18 spare parts 
684 HDC35 spare parts 
685 HDC50 spare parts 
686 HTC08 spare parts 
687 HTCE08 spare parts 
688 HTC18 spare parts 
689 HTCE18 spare parts 
690 HTC35 spare parts 
691 HF08 spare parts 
692 HFE08 spare parts 
693 HF18 spare parts 
694 HFE18 spare parts 

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Certification: ISO
Color: Fixed
Customized: Customized
US$ 200/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample


Types of agricultural parts

Agricultural parts can be divided into different categories. These components include tractors, moldboard plows, whips and sickles. Some of the different types of agricultural ingredients are listed below. Each of these parts is important for different types of farming. It is important to know the purpose of each and what it does. If you are a farmer or plan to become a farmer, these parts are critical to your operation.


The first tractor appeared in the 1920s. Ford and International Harvester were among the first companies to produce farm tractors, but the industry has grown rapidly. By the 1920s, hundreds of companies were producing farm tractors. The agricultural depression of the 1930s forced many of these companies out of business. By the 1930s, only seven companies were major players in the tractor business. Ford produced the largest number of wheeled tractors in the United States between 1930 and 1955.
Some tractors are equipped with various accessories to enhance their performance. These specialized agricultural components are used for a variety of tasks. These include tillage, harvesting, planting and material handling. Tractors vary in horsepower, lift capacity, control and capabilities. Some models also have device mounting options. The downside of this is that if you need to use the tractor for other purposes, you will have to use additional attachments that can damage the tractor.
Modern tractors have a clutch pedal on the gear lever. This allows you to shift quickly without pedaling. Other tractors have a throttle speed button that improves hydraulic flow to the implement. However, the most important component of a tractor is the engine. Tractors must be driven safely because even minor accidents can cause serious damage to farm equipment. While there are many tractors that can operate without these parts, you can find the right tractor for your job.

Shared plows

One of the many uses of shared plows as part of agriculture is to increase the amount of soil in a field. This plow effectively removes compacted soil and lifts weed roots. According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources, plowshares are best used in the fall, when weeds are less active and the soil is more fertile.
The basic plowshare can be adjusted by raising or lowering the plowshare to suit runners in the furrow. However, this design is not suitable for breaking up the heavier soils of northern Europe. In the 6th century, however, the advent of the wheel made it possible to use larger moldboards, which increased food production and population growth. Today, farmers in North America have access to a wide variety of moldboard plows.
Agricultural moldboard plows come in two basic styles, horse-drawn or tractor-style. Horse-drawn models have one bottom, while tractor-pulled moldboard plows have 1 to 14 hydraulically raised bottoms. Other variants include intermediate breakers and twin moldboard plows. Agricultural moldboard plows are often used in the Midwest and elsewhere.


Grass is used for mowing. The blade is double edged and bolted to the wooden handle. Steel blades are tempered and braced for strength and durability. The blade can be sharpened if necessary. The straw whip is 30 inches long, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on the user’s height. Blades can be sharpened with sandpaper or a file.
The traditional straw whip 32 includes a rear panel and horizontal shelves. It also features a hollow handle with an adapter at the proximal end and a carrying handle at the distal end. The first cable goes to the power supply and goes through the case and handle. After pulling the cable taut, the straw will be firmly attached to the small holder 8.
The suction tube 32 is connected to an electrical connection 47 that powers the device. A battery pack is provided for use away from the tractor. It is a plastic or metal box and consists of two parts: a rechargeable battery 67 and a female electrical plug 68. The switch locks in the open position to prevent accidental use. The switch is also equipped with a safety lock button. These two components work together to operate the straw.


Although it is generally believed that the scythe was first developed in Roman times, its actual development may be earlier. Pliny mentioned two different types of sickles, Gallic and Roman. The Gallic sickle was the longer of the two and was made of mild steel, while the Roman sickle was made of harder, higher carbon steel.
In the past, people cut wheat by hand with a sickle. They replaced scythes and bagging hooks, which required users to bend over to harvest crops. Although they have largely been replaced by tractor machinery, scythes are still used today in parts of Asia and Europe. The sickle can also reach awkward corners, making it more useful in certain types of cuts.
The sickle belt stretches from Europe to the Middle East and the Midwest of the United States and Canada. It also spans most of Russia, the Middle East and North Africa. In the 19th century, Austrian sickle makers dominated the sickle industry. They produced millions of sickles, some dating back to the 1500s. Some of them were exported to India and the former Soviet Union.


Brushcutters are powerful agricultural tools used primarily for felling and trimming vegetation. These parts are often multifunctional, and some models are even capable of maintaining road edges and ditches. Some models can even trim branches from certain types of trees. Before you buy your own brush cutter, be sure to read the manual carefully and follow the safety rules. For your own safety and the safety of others, please wear a hard hat, eye and hearing protection, padded gloves, long pants, and boots, and keep young children away from work areas.
Brushcutters are usually attached to the tractor via a 3-point linkage system, with the exception of high reach models that are attached to the tractor via fixed stirrups. Additionally, brush cutters often have a balancing mass located opposite the tractor. These agricultural components are complicated to install, but once installed, they remain coupled to the tractor. A brush cutter is a critical piece of equipment on any tractor.
Most brushcutters use hydraulic engines. The power is transmitted mechanically through a PTO (power take-over) mechanism or a cardan shaft, which turns a hydraulic pump. This pump draws hydraulic oil from a special tank and then sends it through a series of distributors to move the arm and the working organ. As a result, the power of the brush cutter is transferred from the tractor to the working organ by a hydraulic engine.


Transplanters for agricultural parts are equipment used to plant seedlings into soil. These machines are used in greenhouses and open fields to increase productivity, yield, and the success of harvesting transplanted crops. Transplanters are typically made of steel and are designed to fit seedlings of all shapes and sizes. Buying a used transplanter is a good idea as long as the working parts are in good condition. When considering a used model, you should inspect it for cracks or corrosion and broken parts.
A mechanical transplanter works faster than hand transplanting, but it becomes slower as your quads and back start hurting. Water-wheel transplanters have become popular in recent years. By automatically delivering water into the holes where the transplants are set, water is delivered to the root system without the need for manual intervention. Moreover, water-wheel transplanters save time on watering. John Good, a farmer who uses a water-wheel transplanter, says that speed is no different between a mechanical transplanter and a water-wheel one.


The basic purpose of cultivators is to turn soil and plant matter into a workable form for the crops. Cultivators are used by both large and small farmers. Cultivators for small farming operations are usually self-propelled, but may be drawn behind a tractor. Two-wheel cultivators are typically fixed and powered by couplings, while four-wheel cultivators are attached via a three-point hitch and operated by power take-off. Some cultivators are still drawn behind a draft animal, and the methods are still used in many developing countries.
Cultivators are used in farming to break up soil around a crop. There are three different kinds of cultivators: row crop cultivators, disc cultivators, and power cultivators. Row crop cultivators are used to break up soil before planting, while harrows are used to prepare the soil for planting. In both cases, cultivators are used to disturb the soil consistently throughout the working width. In general, cultivating soil improves aeration and disrupts photosynthesis. Moreover, it can decrease water ponding time after heavy rainfall.
Cultivators are important parts of agricultural machinery. They aerate soil, prepare the seedbed, and kill weeds. By disrupting the soil, cultivators are used to evenly distribute chemical applications. Among them, glyphosate is the most common and widely used weed killer. It is safe for farmers to use, and it effectively eliminates most weeds in a single application.

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